Windows Server Core Series | 1- Installing Server Core – 2019

Windows Server Core 2019


This windows server core series is intended to use Microsoft server infra in a new way, using commands with almost no GUI.

This is the first blog post related to server core 2019 installation, gradually we will configure Active Directory, DNS, DHCP in a server core OS in upcoming posts.

So lets start….

Note: Here I am using a Microsoft hypervisor called Hyper-V on a Windows-10 machine.

Download Image

Before we proceed, download the evaluation version of server core 2019 from MS evaluation center using the following link.

Installation Step

Now open hyper-v management console and click create a VM

Give a VM name and specify the VM file location

Select Gen-2

Use Default value and selection

Select your appropriate switch from the list

Set the VHD size as 20 GB (or more)

Select the downloaded image file, click and next and finish

Now boot the VM and start installing the OS

Next, click Install Now

Select the image as shown below ( NOT Desktop Experience)

Accept the License

Select custom install

Select the Drive and click Next

Installation started as below

After installation with a couple of reboot you will end up with following screen and its All Black screen.

Hit ctrl+alt+delete and select OK, press enter. You will see following screen

Enter Password

Select OK and press enter

Again Only black screen. No GUI 🙂

That’s it, nothing except a CMD window. Who use GUI all the time for them it’s horrible to manage a server with commands only.

BUT if you want speed and stability ( like a unix/Linux OS) then start using server core.

Now lets rename the computer using Powershell. To open Powershell, just type Powershell in CMD and follow the command.

next screen

Now reboot the computer

After reboot verify the hostname has been changed. Here you will notice faster reboot as there is ~70% GUI dll files are not included.

Check the hostname

That’s it for today. in next blog of this series we will see how to install and configure first domain controller on this server core machine.

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