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In this post we will learn about a Powershell module that is related to PKI infrastructure management.

If you ever managed Active Directory Certificate Services then you may have experienced how difficult it is to manage all certificate related tasks in GUI mode, unless you use a custom batch or script file.

You will find a lot of scripts or commands on the web to manage PKI infra, but in bits and pieces which may not meet your expectation.

However today the Powershell module we are going to use is very powerful to manage PKI infrastructure.

How to Install ?

To download the module and install use the following command in Powershell window

       # Install-Module -Name PSPKI

The nuget provider is a prerequisite in my case hence type Y to allow the installation. You may not see this window if you already have that installed.

If you have nuget already installed, then you will get the following screen after the install module command. Then type Y

It will start installing the package as below

Ok fine! As the module get installed, let’s use the following command to see what all commands/Functions this PSPKI module provides. To see that type below in Powershell

                    # Get-Command -Module PSPKI

Awesome!! These cmdlets are really amazing to manage PKI related tasks.

Note: Please install Active Directory Certificate Service RSAT tool to have complete cmdlets/Functions of PSPKI module.


I will demonstrate one command from the list, you can use PowerShell help feature to explore all commands and use as per your need.
So I will pick Test-webServerSSL command as shown below

Test-WebServerSSL -URL

That’s it friends! You can find more information related to this module in following link

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Happy Reading!! And Take Care…