New microsoft edge browser! just like chrome

New Chromium Edge Browser

An Intro!

It’s time to expect more from a Microsoft web browser. We never use much internet explorer due to its slow response, unexpected glitches that hard to solve and use in day to day life.

But now Microsoft enhance its browser which is chromium based (similar to chrome) which is more responsive, smooth, secure and user friendly.

From where can I download?

You can download the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser from below link. Its supports quiet a bunch Microsoft and known Mobile Device OS version as shown below.   – Download from here!

Supports below OS!

After you hit the download button by selecting desired OS you will get a setup file downloaded like below.

Now RUN the setup file, the installation will begin and you will see below screen

Wait until you see the below screen. That’s it! The installation is completed and you are ready to use new edge browser and explore more.

The new edge browser icon will appear on your desktop as shown below.

Click on the icon and start using the Microsoft’s first ever user friendly browser! 😊

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