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In this post, we will learn how to install Chef Client on a windows server. I will install on server 2012 R2 however the installation step will be the same for the rest of the windows version, only the installation file will be different relevant to the OS version.

So before we install a chef-client first we will have to download it from the chef website. So to download the related version of chef-client , go to the following website and choose your version to download.

As per my OS version I choose the following setup file

** You may be required to fill your basic information prior to download, fill that and the download will start automatically.

I kept the setup file in the following location, now we will kick off the installation.

Installation Step

Now double click the installation file and you will land in the following screen.

Click next…

Accept the License and click Next

Click Next ( No change here)

Click Install

Now the installation will start as follows…

After the installation will finish you will see below screen

Click on finish

Congrats! You have successfully installed the Chef Client Installation.

Final Step

Lets just verify the installation and chef-client version

Open command prompt in Admin mode and type following command

  # Chef-Client -v

One more thing, by default the chef client get installed in C\opscode location

Great ! It’s enough for today. Thanks for reading my blogpost

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Happy reading!!! Take care