How To See Your Facebook Login Active Sessions on All Devices!

Sometimes we login to our Facebook account from cybercafé, friend’s PC or mobile or any other devices which are not personal.

And in most of the cases, we forget to logout or left the session as it is. Of course! This is a security breach and anyone one can hack your account easily.

So, in that case, you can see such active session information by logging into the Facebook account.

Below are the steps that will help further.


Login into your Facebook account. Go to your account’s Settings section (refer below screenshot)


Now below page will come. Go to Security and Login and look at Where you’re Logged In section to find out all the devices from where you have logged in.

If you want to see all the devices just click on See More section


After you click on See More, you will see all the list of devices from where you have logged in. See below screenshot.

Just have a close look on Place from where you have logged in, date and time to figure out if the login is authentic. This will help you find out the unauthorized login.


Now check and verify from which device you want to log out. And click the section that I have highlighted below and click on logout. See below screenshot.

Okay! So, you have seen how easy it is to check your active Facebook sessions. You can keep a close eye on your account, making sure you’re not logged in where you don’t want to be.              

That’s it friends! Thanks for reading and keep following my website for exciting topics.

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